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RSV in Older Adults: Understanding Risk, Diagnosis, and Evolving Prevention Strategies

In this live, 60-minute Webinar, expert faculty will explore risk factors for respiratory syncytial virus among adults, the need for a vaccination strategy in this population, and the evolving clinical studies on vaccine strategies for older adults.

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Managing Influenza in the High-Risk Patient

Managing Influenza and the High-Risk Patient is a live complimentary 1-hour CME webinar with a nationally recognized infectious disease specialist who will provide expert guidance on managing influenza in children, older adults, those with rheumatologic diseases, cancer, or other patients with immunocompromising conditions.

This event is hosted by CCO’s sister company, Practicing Clinicians Exchange (PCE).

Registration information can be found here:

June 5, 2021: https://practicingclinicians.com/symposia/register/influenza-june-5-2021
June 13, 2021: https://practicingclinicians.com/symposia/register/influenza-june-13-2021
June 26, 2021: https://practicingclinicians.com/symposia/register/influenza-june-26-2021

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